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Sea Lovers

Endless Options

• Kaputas Beach
• Kalamar Bay and Beach
• Kas Akçagerme Beach
• Kas Big - Small Pebble Beach
• Kaş Limanagzı Beach
• Patara Beach
• Fırnaz Bay
• Blue Cave
• Fethiye Belcekız Beach
• Fethiye Oludeniz
• Beach Fethiye Calis Beach



Kalkan nights are quite different. It is one of the few points on earth that you see and feel the sky so close

History Lovers

Walk In The Past

• You can see Kekova Sunken City.
• You can visit the ancient city of Xnathos.
• Visit the Letoon Ancient City.
• You can visit Patara Ancient City.
• You can visit the ancient city of Tlos.
• Fethiye You can visit the ancient city of Kayaköy.
• You can see Saklıkent Canyon.
• You can see Butterfly Valley.
• You can see Simena Kalesini on the Kekova tour.

Alternative Callers

Excitement and Adrenaline

• You can watch the stars.
• You can dive in the world famous koel.
• You can take a cycling tour in Kalkan.
• You can go to Begirgan Highland.
• You can go on boat trips.
• Embed You can go to Yesilgol.
• You can do Jeep Safari.
• You can make Village Breakfast in Islam.
• You can watch the sunset in Patara sand dunes. In Saklıkent you can make a mud bath.
• You can see Simena Castle on Kekova Tour.
• You can do Paragliding.
• You can visit Meis Island.
• In Tlos you can visit Yakapark and eat trout.
• You can go to Patara horse riding.
• You can go on ATV tour.
• You can take a canoe tour at Eşen Çay.
• You can do rafting at Saklikent.